Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Mecham Family



I love my children very much, they mean the world to me and Greg. We had a great year with lots of great time together. One of my goal this next year is to enjoy every day with them while they are little because they are getting to big to fast. Hope you all have a great new year!!!

Kate Christmas from Grandma Rodabough

My mom made kate's curtains. I love them. They are so frilly and girly. Kate loves them as well.
This is the bed spread and pillow that she made to go with the curtains. Mom, THANK YOU!! Kate loves it all and will tressure it forever!

Now I just need to find a white frilly bed skirt. Does anyone have any ideas. I have looked a couple of places.

This is what I got for thanksgiving

I was making stockings for my family for christmas and had the rottery cutter out to cut the fabric and I cut my finger instead. Now just tell the truth it is awesome isn't it. Now you now were my children get there accident prone gene from.
I got eight stitches in all. My finger really hurt for about a month and now is getting really close to being all healed and it is now the middle of January. Tip for all of you out there. DO NOT CUT THE SIDE OF YOUR FINGER OFF. IT REALLY HURTS!!!!!!!!!

Kate's Halloween Costume

She was Iridesa for tinker bell.

Halloween Costumes

Paiden was a vampire
Max was a gladiator

I made these scrubs for my nephew who was a doctor. And yes paiden is only got one sock on. He does this all the time. He is wierd!!!!

This is a little cowboy costume for my other nephew

This is a costume that I made for my niece.

Boys bedroom

This is the boys room after making bedding and putting some paint on the walls
Much better than white walls!!

Paiden and Football

Paiden's Lehi fifth grade A team took second place this year. It was a lot of fun to watch him play and have such a good time. GO Paiden!!! Can't wait until next year
Paiden played defensive end on his team, he was on punt return and on the kick-off team. He loved every minute of it. He didn't even mind practicing hard three times a week. He is a quick little bugger and a very hard hitter!!!!

Flag Football

Max Had so much fun playing flag football. He is just like his older brother. HE LOVES PLAYING ALL SPORTS!!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Max's first day of kindergarten

Max and Luke on their first day of Kindergarten

Max is so excited to get to ride the bus. He was the first one in line.
I can't believe he is old enough to go to kindergarten. Love you Max. Have a great year in school!
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Max had to have a transformer cake.
This is everybody in their pointy hats
Max got a beautiful rainbow for his birthday. It was the brightest rainbow I have ever seen. It was really cool, just like Max!!!
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HaPpY BiRtHdAy MaX

Max woke up bright and early on his birthday. He was so excited! can't you tell by the smile on his face.

Thank you everybody that came to the party and being such great sport about the Pointy hats. Max was so thrilled to have everybody feel included. Love you Max. i am so glad to be your mother. You are very special to us!
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Paiden's First Day of School

Fifth grade!!!! aaaaaaahhhhhhhh Help me! I can't believe I have a fifth grader.
Waiting for the bus
Love ya bud hope you have a great year!
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4-Wheeler ride to ting's grave

The kids, Greg, me and Gregs parents went on a 4wheeler ride the other day. It was so much fun. Kate fell asleep while we were on it. Paiden got to drive with Greg. Max road in the back with grandma. We all had a great time. Thanks Sam and Kathy for coming with us. You guys are great parents , grandparents and friends. Love you!
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Girls Camp 2010

Girls camp was great this year. Brooks, joselyn, katie and Gentri you are all missed every week. Hope you are all doing great in your new wards. Love you all!!!!!
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Value Colors

So being the camp director for the young women in my ward we went to camp this year. I managed to take these pictures while up at camp. I was able to find all of the Value colors while on our hike. It was so beatiful up there. I will always remember girls camp.
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Hogle Zoo 2010

What more can I say.
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Happy 2nd Birthday Kate!!!!!

Kate is now two. Oh my goodness! I can't believe it. My baby is getting so big. Kate we love you and are so glad we get to be your parents.
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